Introduction To Cases

Dr. Snow is frequently asked what his favorite case or most memorable case is. Trying to reduce the many cases to a single one is difficult. Some of the more interesting cases involve difficult recoveries of human remains, while others have certain aspects that were simply unusual.

Unquestionably, however, Dr. Snow’s most gratifying cases are those in which the unidentified dead are finally identified and returned to their families. Many families have gone decades wondering what happened to their loved ones. Some years ago, Dr. Snow discovered a mistake in an autopsy report that subsequently led to an identification of a young girl who had been buried as unidentified years before. Following the identification, he received a letter from the girl’s mother, the last line of which read, “The only thing worse than knowing my daughter is dead was not knowing what happened to her.”

The cases that follow run the gamut from the interesting to the unusual. From time to time additional cases will be added.