Expert Witness

Many times, cases are won or lost based on the quality of the expert witness. Dr. Snow’s qualifications, experience, and knowledge make him a solid choice for reliable expert forensic testimony. Dr. Snow has testified in cases utilizing his expertise in search and recovery, biological profiles, trauma, time since death, manner of death, and identification.

Dr. Snow has testified as an expert witness in forensic anthropology in both Superior and Federal Court. His expert testimony has been critical to the outcome of several high profile criminal cases. 

Dr. Snow knows the process, and is a personable witness that can explain difficult scientific data in a clear and concise manner. His expertise has helped close cold cases that were viewed as unsolvable. Dr. Snow is as comfortable in the courtroom as he is in the field or the lab.




  • Positive identification of human remains

  • Time since death

  • Trauma evaluation

  • Cremated remains (cremains)

  • Exhumations

  • Determination of sex

  • Determination of ancestry

  • Determination of age

  • Determination of stature

  • Human vs. non-human analysis

  • Crime scene recovery and documentation procedures

  • Forensic laboratory procedures

  • Recovery of human remains (including surface and buried remains)


Human Remains Analysis

Dr. Snow is an expert in the analysis of the biological profile of decomposed, mummified, burned, skeletonized, incomplete, commingled, and fragmentary remains.  He can quickly determine whether bones are human and whether they are forensically significant, which can save law enforcement many hours at the scene.


Unidentified Human Remains

Many forensic identification experts estimate the number of unidentified dead in the United States to be between 40,000 and 60,000. Since 2011 Dr. Snow has been working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify missing children. He has collected biometric data on over 100 individuals and conducted over 30 exhumations.

Body Search and Recovery

Dr. Snow is an expert in body search and recovery. In his six years as the Forensic Anthropologist for the State of Georgia at Large, he conducted more that 60 human remains recoveries.