Forensic Anthropology Consulting

Dr. Snow is frequently contacted by district attorneys and criminal defense attorneys to review crime scene photos, autopsy reports and photos, and case files for upcoming trials.

By examining crime scene photos, he can often determine if the human remains recovery was conducted properly or if potential evidence was likely overlooked. Also, by examining crime scene photos he can often establish whether skeletal trauma observed at autopsy was caused perimortem or resulted from inadvertent damage during recovery.

Dr. Snow often examines autopsy reports and photos and case files to ensure that the remains are forensically significant and not historic in nature. While medical examiners are skilled in soft tissue autopsy, forensic anthropologists specialize in the analysis of skeletal remains. Dr. Snow has discovered perimortem trauma that was overlooked by medical examiners.

Specializing in Identifying:

  • Skeletal remains
  • Decomposed remains
  • Mummified remains
  • Burned remains
  • Incomplete remains
  • Fragmentary remains
  • Dismembered remains
  • Commingled remains