Specializing in the recovery, analysis, and identification of human remains



Dr. Rick Snow

Forensic Anthropology Consulting Services, Inc. assists district attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, medical examiners, and coroners in locating, recovering, analyzing, and identifying human remains.


Dr. Snow has worked over 300 forensic anthropology cases, of which nearly 100 were homicides. He has traveled extensively throughout the country and internationally to recover and identify the dead. Several of his cases have been profiled on 48 Hours and the Investigation Discovery network.


Dr. Snow was a forensic anthropologist during the Tri-State Crematory incident in 2002. He located and recovered many of the 334 bodies that were not cremated. For two months, he worked on the South Pacific island of Tarawa recovering the remains of Marines killed there in 1943. Dr. Snow works closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


Dr. Snow’s specialties include:

  • Expert Witness

  • Human Remains Analysis

  • Cremated Remains (Cremains) Analysis

  • Unidentified Human Remains

  • Body Search and Recovery

  • Seminars


Dr. Snow is passionate about using his experience and education to identify the dead and bring closure to the families.