Forensic Anthropology Consulting Services Inc


Dr. Rick Snow has presented seminars to district attorneys, law enforcement agencies, coroners, universities and the public. He also serves as a trainer for Global Training Partnership, LLC, a private company that provides training to law enforcement agencies.

“This is definitely the most fascinating class Iíve ever taken. It has definitely broadened my horizons.”

Chris Guy, Chief of Police, Wellford (SC) Police Department (referring to Dr. Snowís seminar on forensic anthropology for the Spartanburg County Coronerís Office)

Dr. Snow is a frequent and engaging lecturer and forensic seminar speaker at various venues including:

  • National Institute of Justice
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • Vancouver Police Department Homicide Conference
  • International Association for Identification
  • Virginia Homicide Investigators Association
  • West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
  • International Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship
  • Numerous law enforcement agencies and universities

Law Enforcement Forensic Seminars (partial list)

  • Forensic Anthropology and Law Enforcement
  • The Tri-State Crematory Incident
  • The Mass Graves of Bosnia and Kosovo
  • The Unidentified Dead
  • Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology
  • The CSI Effect: The Good, the Bad, and the Reality
  • Locating Clandestine Graves
  • Forensic Archaeology
  • Human vs. Non-Human Remains
  • When and How to Call a Forensic Anthropologist
  • Skeletal Trauma and How to Recognize It
  • Recovering Human Remains from Fire Scenes
  • Scattered Remains and How to Recover Them
  • Scene Examination and Documentation
  • Forensic Anthropology and Cold Cases
  • Forensic Osteology
  • Recognizing Cemetery Remains
  • Recovering Human Remains from Wells
  • The First Cut is the Deepest: Sharp Force Trauma
  • Human Identification
  • Scene Examination and Documentation
  • Mistakes Made by Professionals

General Seminars (partial list)

  • No Hummers, No Leather Pants, No DNA in Ten Minutes, No CSI: Just Real Forensic Anthropology
  • You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Unbelievable but True Cases in Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Anthropology: What It Really is and How Hollywood Portrays It
  • Rain, Heat, Bugs, Poison Ivy, and Diesel Fuel: Then the Conditions Really Got Bad
  • Murphy's Law at Crime Scenes