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Frederick Snow, Ph.D.

Forensic Anthropology Consulting Services, Inc. specializes in assisting district attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, medical examiners, and coroners in locating, recovering, analyzing, and identifying human remains.

“His expertise speaks for itself but his devotion to identifying the victims is nothing short of amazing.”

-Detective Rich Lewis, Albuquerque Police Department, Cold Case Unit

Dr. Frederick Snow was the forensic anthropologist for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for six years. In 2002 he served as a forensic anthropologist during the Tri-State Crematory Incident involving 339 bodies that were not cremated. In 2001 he spent eight months in Bosnia excavating mass graves for the International Commission on Missing Persons. In 1999 he went to Kosovo as an agent of the United Nations to examine mass graves of Albanians killed during ethnic cleansing.

Dr. Snow received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee, studying under Dr. William M. Bass, author and founder of the “Body Farm.”

Dr. Snow has a unique rapport with law enforcement personnel, having worked as a Patrolman with the Dekalb County (GA) Police Department. He has seen crime scenes through the eyes of law enforcement and as a scientist. Several of his cases have been profiled on Investigation Discovery and 48 Hours.

Dr. Snow is passionate about bringing his experience and education to bear on identifying the dead and bringing closure to their families.